BRANKO RUŽIĆ, Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government in the Serbian government: FOCUS ON ‘UNHEALTHY’ PART OF ECONOMY

Inspectors are front row centre in combating shadow economy. Hiring younger inspectors and introducing new institutes which, for the first time ever, enable preventive action, as well as much tougher measures against offenders will make this year an exceptionally important … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey Economy at The World in 2018 Conference

 In transitional countries, shadow economy has always been a substantial albeit illegal segment in the overall economy. Curbing shadow economy and trying to legalize it are one of the most important activities of any government. This was also the topic … Continue reading

Slowly recovering

Text: Žikica Milošević After many unwanted years of slow and fast decline, there is hope on the horizon. Greeks are slowly recovering from their crisis, though they are a long way from former glory.

Duško Krsmanović, Senior Economic and Trade Advisor in the Dutch Embassy More dynamic reforms would result in more investments

Dutch investors require a stable and predictable business and legal environment which is the main prerequisite for strategic planning and serious investing. In Serbia, at the moment, the business environment is developing somewhat faster than the legal one. It would … Continue reading