Over the course of four years, since it launched in Serbia, Telenor Bank has recorded a significant revenue growth and an increase of 100,000 current accounts opened with the bank per year.

“Three and a half years of business and 400,000 current account accounts opened at our bank are a clear indicator that people are increasingly choosing banks that have made their services readily available. We are proud of the achieved result and we will continue to create services so that we can facilitate banking procedures for our users even more and have each bank transaction available on mobile phones,” says Miloš Brusin, Chairman of the Executive Board of Telenor Bank. Zoran Milinčić from Belgrade is the owner of the jubilee 400,000th current account. To celebrate this, the bank gave Zoran the latest generation Samsung S9 mobile phone. In 2017, Telenor Bank recorded a 34% growth of total assets, a 17% increase in net profit and a constant increase in savings. The bank was the first in the market to introduce the mCash instant payment service. Also, at the beginning of 2018, Telenor Bank developed the first digital credit product, which the bank’s clients can obtain only online, without a need to provide their physical signature.

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