The 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano. Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries

The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade has announced a competition for the representation of Serbia at the XXIII Triennale Milano International Exhibition: “Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries”, which will be held from May 20 to November 20, 2022. The application deadline is December 6, 2021.

The 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano will be curated by Ersilia Vaudo, astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer at the ESA European Space Agency. The design of the installations will be carried out by Francis Kéré, architect and founder of Kéré Architecture. As with previous editions, the International Exhibition of Triennale Milano will consist of thematic exhibitions – curated by Ersilia Vaudo – and exhibitions produced by international participants invited by the Government of Italy.

Project commissioner for the Republic of Serbia is Biljana Jotić, art historian, curator and acting director of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, while the members of the council are: Milorad Mladenović, professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (President), Nataša Radojević, art historian, artistic director of Drina Gallery in Belgrade, Marija Radisavčević, art historian and curator of Nadežda Petrović Gallery in Čačak, Andjela Mujčić, artist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts in Kosovska Mitrovica, University of Pristina, Dejan Vračarević, associate at the Museum of Science and Technology, lecturer at the Academy of Applied Technical Studies in Belgrade, Jovanka Stanojević, artist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
Members of the expert council, together with the commissioner, make up the jury of the public competition.
For further information about the competition visit the official website of the Museum of Applied Arts .

The 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano is conceived as a space for open and plural debate and comparison, where different experiences, cultures and perspectives can converge. Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries will try to answer a series of questions about what we still “don’t know we don’t know” in different topics: from the evolution of the cities to the oceans, from genetics to
astrophysics. A deep experience, which will involve designers, architects, artists, playwrights and musicians, and it will give the opportunity to overturn our idea of the world.

Stefano Boeri indicated: “The 23rd International Exhibition, “Unknown Unknowns”, will be an opportunity to carry out a collective reflection on the near future. With Broken Nature we have told how the bonds that unite humans to the natural environment over the years have been profoundly compromised, if not completely destroyed. The present time and the coronavirus epidemic have given us a profound fragility, due also to the fact that the sphere of phenomena that we do not know – and that we did not know we did not know – has expanded enormously. Humanity as a whole is faced with a challenge that is both to expand our knowledge – of the laws of the universe and nature, of the vital world of plants and animals, of the submerged continents of the psyche and the oceans – and to change our perspective on the role that our species will play in deciding the future of planet Earth. A beautiful and difficult challenge that Triennale, as it has always done in its history, wants to transform into a collective and proactive reflection.”

Dimitri S. Kerkentzes stated: “The 23rd edition of the Triennale Milano International Exhibition will advance the mission, shared and recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) since 1933, of pushing the boundaries of human endeavour in search of new perspectives and answers to the pressing questions of our time. In today’s world, faced with so many challenges and uncertainties, this unique and transparent platform will go beyond the questions we know and ask those that we do not. In doing so, artists, scientists, designers and creators will explore and present new angles on the world we inhabit and forward-thinking outlooks on our shared future.”For more information on the XXIII International Exhibition of Triennale Milano, visit the official website.

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