The environment by Nevena Martinović

The environment. There is an adopted opinion that we are an average of five people from our environment. And it probably is true. But by adopting such attitudes, it can often come across as restrictive for us. In the course of our life, nothing is final, nailed, permanent.

On the contrary. And maybe that is why we as people need to reach that permanent place where we will always be comfortable, pleasant and prosperous. Well, we strive for it through the people around us, because if we create a good environment, it will reflect on our development. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes even the best environments are not an inspiration for us to take action and fight for ourselves. While, in some situations, even very bad and negative environments can produce phenomenal and driving personalities. Both are extremes, which are exceptions and not rules. But for this story, it is also important that we look at them and define them.

They are important for us for the sake of respect, because they show us that not everything is “only” due to the environment, because if it were – there would not be a situation in which a bad environment creates good things. One part is up to us and how we allow the environment to model us. What are we asking of it? Acceptance or challenge? Do we want to have people around us who will approve of us or people who will question us?

Both are important for our development, to make a balance, but even then we come to the conclusion that the environment is not everything. Even if we have a lavish group of various people around us, who love and accept us, but also motivate us, make us stubborn, want to do the impossible…

All this is not enough, because we primarily need ourselves. And the phenomenon of this whole situation is that we can’t get to know ourselves, without all those other people. Which brings us back to the beginning, but to a new conclusion. Not that we are the average of at least five people from our environment, but that we practically do not exist as individuals without other people. They are our air, for getting to know our own being. What makes the difference in our development, is the way we allow other people to approach us and based on what values ​​we make that selection.

There are a lot of recipes, even more flavours, and the only way to come up with a favourite combination for us is to be open and let people in. Otherwise, we will be deprived of ourselves.

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