The Food Waste Programme presented at the Courtyard Belgrade City Center Hotel


The results of the HotelKitchen project that aims at eliminating food waste were presented on 22nd July at the Courtyard Belgrade City Center Hotel.

The presentation was attended by Robert Gasser, General Manager of the Courtyard Belgrade City Center Hotel, Olivera Škorić, the hotel’s Marketing Manager, Deni Porej, Director of WWF Adria, Fabijan Peronja, Project Officer at WWF Adria, project consultants Robert Ripley and Ana Balić and Pantelija Pekić, on behalf of the Gastronomadi Company.

“People in Serbia throw close to 250,000 tonnes of food annually, while in the EU nearly 88 million tonnes of food is wasted, of which 40 million tonnes is just fruit and vegetables that are being discarded because of their appearance. All of this costs mind-boggling 140 billion euro. Incorrect disposal of this waste releases methane, extremely harmful gas, while huge quantities of soil, water and energy are required to produce such an excessive amount of food. In addition to the ecological problem, food waste is also a social problem. This project is an excellent opportunity for hotels to elevate the industry standards and to become green pioneers in the fight against food waste. We are very proud of the Courtyard Belgrade City Center Hotel and the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb which first started with the programme. More hotels have expressed interest in participating in the programme,” said Fabijan Peronja from WWF Adria.

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