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United Group launched Shoppster, e-commerce business with the largest integrated online and TV shopping

United Group has opened up a new chapter of its business by launching the regional e-commerce online shopping platform today, July 23rd for shoppers in Serbia. Shoppster will be available in the Slovenian market in autumn this year, with the simultaneous launching of Shoppster TV channel in both markets and other countries in the region.

Shoppster will initially offer more than 20 popular product categories (tech, gardening, tools, fashion, items for children, kitchen appliances, etc.) and will continue to intensively broaden its offer to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Shoppster provides the same level of shopping standards available from the top of the line e-platforms such as Amazon, Wish, or Allegra in Poland.

In addition to the online shop, the presentation and selling of products will be available on the Shoppster TV channel, which will focus on shopping from home. Well-known TV personalities will be presenting offers and products of many companies which have joined Shoppster.

Besides them, Shoppster will also introduce its own brand products, as well as celebrity product lines, including Praktična žena (Practical Woman) products, developed in partnership with local TV celebrity host Nataša Pavlović.

The platform was developed over a two-year period with top regional and global sales, IT and media experts involved in constantly upgrading Shoppster and providing shoppers with a simple, reliable, and secure e-shopping experience.

Besides offering well-known brands, Shoppster will support the local economy by helping entrepreneurs expand their sales as a reliable partner to all small and medium-sized businesses.

United Group thus calls on all brand owners and reseller businesses to join Shoppster as a platform which will provide them a new sales channel for their products that will reach a significant number of consumers and substantially improve their business results through the online shop website and TV channel.

The United Group and its member companies are known for the high quality of its services and understanding of its users’ needs since the beginning of its business. After the acquisitions in telecommunications and media in South-Eastern Europe, the Group starts an entirely new phase in its business. By purchasing Tako Lako in Serbia, and Ideo in Slovenia, United Group strengthens Shoppster, while their consumers can expect a delightful surprise.


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