The International School – Cambridge education for the 21st century

Each year, Cambridge Assessment awards the Distinction grade for the top 3% of students in the world. Among them are students of the International School, the most modern Cambridge school in our country. The young and ambitious students who have a high success rate in tests are true promoters of the academic achievement the school has taken pride in for years.

The students’ top grades are one of the indicators of the education standards fostered by the International School. The four-year programme is designed to help students gain 21st-century skills and knowledge and become successful scholars and professionals.

Mentorship for top-quality education

The key to International School’s success lies in the fact that everyone at the school is dedicated to the students’ holistic development. The teachers are also mentors and excellent pedagogues who use an interdisciplinary approach and creative lessons to foster the students’ curiosity and research skills, thus creating hard-working and successful individuals.

Visiting lecturers, presentations of prestigious local and international universities, and a curriculum that meets the highest education standards make the International School the perfect starting point for studying in the country or abroad.

This is precisely why one of the students with the highest scores on this year’s Cambridge exams opted for the International School: “I chose the International School because it enables me to study abroad and my current A-Level results allow me to do so”.

Innovative teaching practices and a modern learning environment

English-mediated lessons at the International School are the perfect blend of practice and theory. The students have at their disposal state-of-the-art technology, interactive classrooms and a unique Distance Learning Platform.

The International School is also an excellent environment for athletes due to the school’s approach and technological possibilities enabling them to stay up-to-date with school activities: “I’ve been playing basketball for six years and one the main reasons why I chose the International School is the support I get for my daily training sessions, and the possibility to use the excellent Distance Learning Platform”.

Behind every success story is a successful system. The goal of Cambridge Assessment’s Distinction grade is to reward the best students and highlight the school’s achievement. From teaching methodology to personal and shared achievements, the International School comprises a winning team which is sweeping the country and beyond thanks to its young and successful ambassadors.

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