The Mastercard study shows that the next digital border is a conversation store


Mastercard presented the results of the research on the opportunities and challenges of the conversation shop. In the report “Is there someone out there? Voice to Conversation Purchase”, Mastercard discovers that consumers above all value practicality, and meeting their expectations is crucial for the mass adoption of a conversation trade.

When talking about a conversation shop, consumers have contact with people, chatbots or a combination of these two options to get a personalized service. Companies use quests to send orders for orders, shipping and delivery notifications and solve problems in the customer service. As the voice becomes the dominant means of interaction within this new digital trading zone, it is expected that the conversation will continue to develop further. A survey conducted by Future Agenda for Mastercard shows that 87% of US consumers are familiar with voice and text agents, and 66% used them in the past. In the EU, one-fifth of consumers already bought through voice or text agents (21% bought, 16% made some payments, and 7% used these agents within banking services).

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