The most qualified professionals in hospitality

Dual education in the field of hotel and catering is a world trend, which has recently reached our region. The requirements of this industry for highly qualified staff demands applied knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, thanks to which hotel and catering professionals can immediately enter the labor market, not only locally, but also globally.

Now our experts in this field do not lag behind their colleagues from other countries, thanks to the opportunity to educate and obtain diplomas from the most prestigious educational institution for hotels and restaurants in the world – the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). This renowned school has been recognized for years as the world’s leading educational institution in the hotel industry, and its students as the highest-ranked experts in demand around the world.
Recently, our country has become part of the prestigious EHL community, through Ohma Academy, the only educational institution operating under the license of VET by EHL program (vocational education and practice), which was created and licensed by EHL. By joining this program, our students have the opportunity to become part of a hundred-year tradition of Swiss education in the field of hospitality, with an alumni community of over 25,000 members.
The first generation of students has been gaining knowledge in Belgrade since March according to a program based on the Swiss state model of education, while the enrollment of the new generation, which will attend classes from September, is in progress. Through four study programs – culinary, rooms division, hotel administration and food & beverage services, participants are able to simultaneously acquire, develop and improve their knowledge and skills in accordance with the highest global standards in this industry, while their internationally recognized diploma VET by EHL, opens the doors of the world hotel industry.

“Swiss experience and expertise in dual education and vocational education training (VET) in general and in the hospitality management industry, in particular, is recognized worldwide. It can significantly contribute to economic development by providing young people with skills and qualifications of high demand on the labor market” explains the Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Urs Schmid, adding that Switzerland and Serbia are celebrating this year the 30th anniversary of bilateral cooperation. Swiss support and advise to the implementation of dual education in Serbia is among the key aspects of this cooperation.

Uroš Urošević, CEO of winsedswiss in Serbia, which brought this new model of education to our region, points out that the service industry is increasingly demanding in terms of service quality and professional skills of professionals, which today focuses on dual education and applied knowledge as a comparative an advantage in the career development of professionals who are valued and sought after in the hotel industry.
“Our goal is to create entire generations of highly qualified professionals, who can match their colleagues anywhere in the world and who will have the skills and education that enable them fantastic professional opportunities, not only in Serbia but anywhere in the world.” We believe that in just a few years we will make a great connection between education and the economy and contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of professional staff, but also the entire industry “- adds Uroš Urošević.
For the first time in our country, the exclusive model of dual education focuses on learning through practice, in which participants perform a three-month practical part of classes in renowned hotel and catering facilities in Serbia and the region, such as Hyatt Regency, Mona Plaza, Hilton, Falkensteiner and numerous others, which allows them to get to know the work of all hotel operations departments and prepare for a career according to international standards.
In the training center, participants work with mentors and certified EHL trainers, who are recognized catering and hotel professionals, and guest lectures and workshops provide an additional opportunity for exercises and trainings in the environments of diplomatic residences and institutions that require the highest standard of catering.

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