The online conference Business and People-Employers in the pandemic age

The impact of the pandemic and emergency conditions on the organization of work is huge, numerous changes had to be introduced and adopted, and companies faced the same challenge – to protect employees and ensure the continuation of the business.

Human resource management has played a key role in this and has shown that it is not only a management function but also has a strategic role in leading change within the organization.
Adequate human resource management is becoming more important than ever, so we invite you to the online conference BUSINESS AND PEOPLE-EMPLOYERS IN THE PANDEMIC AGE, to be held on 9 April 2021.

The speakers are the owners and directors of human resources of successful companies, with whom we will discuss the following topics:
– HR sector-challenges and opportunities of new business conditions,
– Business and people – what more to invest in
– European Union Guidelines: COVID-19-Return to Work
– Examples of good practice

Participation is without registration fee, agenda and applications are available at the link:

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