The prestigious award “SAM Annual Awards” in the hands of the best: Manager of the year is Dejan Turk, CEO, Vip mobile

The Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is the seventh year in a row, awarded the “SAM Annual Awards” to the best in Serbia at the already traditional SAM Sam Gala ceremony.

The award “SAM Annual Awards” was attended by the Serbian business scene, and the ceremony was opened with an impressive acrobatic performance that, with top light and special effects, created a unique experience for all the guests.

Welcoming the speeches, the President of SAM, Ms. Stanka Pejanovic stated: “This year was challenging and inspiring, we continuously worked on the professional development of managers, exchanging knowledge and experiences through a mentoring program, linking managers and promoting best practices, responsibly, ethical and sustainable business. I am extremely proud that the Association has more than 450 professional managers who want to contribute to a better business environment. The year in which we have the largest number of professional managers so far, in which we hosted the SAMIT100 business leader and where we became a full member of the European Confederation of Managers, creates an even greater commitment and responsibility to be even more persistent in realizing all goals. ”

12 awards were awarded in the following categories: manager of the year, young manager of the year, employer of the year, employer of the year in the category of MMP, socially responsible company of the year, award for promotion and development of youth leadership, the best talent development program, and special awards of the jury for personal a heroic act, a turn of the year, a business excellence, an initiative of national importance, and a reward for contributing to the creation of a leader of the future.

Recognized inside and outside of the company as a person of integrity and reputation, and on the basis of achieved business results, the title of Manager of the year 2018 was Dejan Turk, CEO, Vip mobile & A1 Slovenija.

“When a reward arrives from professionals in the profession then it gets even more weight. It is an additional responsibility and obligation to continue along with my team to promote the values ​​that incite the atmosphere of trust, freedom and communion. A good manager must provide a model of desired behavior in the company that is present and beyond, and transfers it to his employees. ”

Title The employer of the year 2018 brought the company Mikroelektronika. According to the opinion of the members of the SAM in 2018, this company offered the best conditions for the work and development of professional managers, fulfilling a number of criteria. The prize was ceremonially handed over by Slobodan Đinović, director, Orion Telekom.

By neglecting and promoting leadership among young people, SAM awarded the best young managers up to 35 years. The young manager of 2018 is Branislav Loncar, CFO, Southeast Europe, Publicis One.

The Employer of the Year in the MMPP category is Gi Group HR Solutions.

SAM members also voted for the Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year, and Delta Holding received the award in this category.

Due to the positive impact on the environment and the development of young people and special contributions to the promotion of youth leadership, this year the award “The Sample Of Leadership Excellence” was awarded to two excellent managers, Dragoljub Damljanović, Vice-President of Schneider Electrica for Southeast Europe and Mihailo Jankovic, the director of the company Nectar.

The Atlantic Grupa Group was awarded the “Best Talent Development Program” award.

According to the decision of the members of the Serbian Association of Managers, the award for the “Personal Heroic Act” was awarded to Goran Nikolic, a poor-sighted marathon who set the Ginis’s record, raising as many marathons as 55 days, from city to city in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The jury decided this year to award four more special awards. The special award for the “Run of the Year” was brought by the SBB company for the EON project, the Digital Initiative Initiative was announced in 2018, the prize for “Contribution to the creation of the leader of the future” was received by DNA Communications & ICT Hub, while Special award for “Business Excellence” was presented by Biljana Jovanović, owner and general manager of fashion house “LUNA”.

On the official evening of awarding the SAM Annual Awards, which was held with the support of Luštica Bay, more than 400 guests from business, political, cultural and media were present. This prestigious award, the Oscars, is awarded to managers, companies, individuals and initiatives that advocate for better business conditions, professionalization of the managerial profession, promotion of ethical and socially responsible business, development of leadership among young people, and better life for all citizens as a whole .

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