The safety of all our employees and clients is a number one priority Novomatic Serbia

In Austria in 1980, with the intend on becoming one of the most prominent and well-recognized organizations in the world, company Novomatic was founded by professor Johan F. Graf.

Today, some forty years later, Novomatic is considered to be amongst the largest corporations in the world, and one of the European leaders in technology and games of chance. With over 230.000 slot machines in over 75 countries and more than 30.000 employees, the company’s global map, with the dominant market position in countries such as Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Holland, and all East and South Central European countries is proof, that Novomatic knows it’s business.

For the past twenty years, the company managed to establish its presence in Serbia with both AdmiralClub and AdmiralBet sports bookmakers in its portfolio, conducting business through one of its representatives, Novo Investment d.o.o. situated in Belgrade, and the only authorized representative for sales, renting and servicing of all equipment from the NOVOMATIC production program.

Thanks to its innovative solutions, the organization modernized and influenced the Serbian gaming market. With a market share of 60 percent and thanks to the employees – which are considered to be the force behind the company, both AdmiralClub and AdmiralBet are amongst the most recognizable brands in Serbia today.

Proof that the company stands behind its personnel in the toughest time was put to test during the previous year when the pandemic of global proportions left many out unwanted and of work. Where countless failed, Novomatic was amongst the few that not only managed to keep all of its employees but maintain the salary, as no employee experienced the deduction in salary. As stated by the company, “the safety of all our employees and clients is a number one priority”. The respect and admiration Novomatic have towards its community, could best be seen from the following statement: “only those who are with their people in the toughest times, deserve success when better times come”. Those rare moments when a leader battles the enemy to protect its people and overcomes it is what distinguishes Novomatic from the rest of the herd.

Through various donations and sponsorships, the company donated respirators, medical equipment, disinfectants, and other commodity and money donations over the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the region. Apart from the pandemic donations, the company also started “Novo ime” project, presented via the platform, that helped young talents from all over Serbia present their talents and skills to the country.

“Only those who are with their people in the toughest times, deserve success when better times come”

Also, back in 2009, the company started a collaboration with Dr. Ivica Mladenovic, Head of the clinic for diseases and addictions as a helpline – telephone counseling was launched, and the “Klub Šansa” counseling center was formed, where patients could come and receive free advice and help in overcoming pathological gambling. A company that shares faith with people it is surrounded with, and who helps in creating a joint community is the reason why customers prefer this brand over the others.

To conclude and highlight the importance of Novomatic as a business entity worth keeping and nurturing, the company’s practice is not to import intelligence, but rather find it in Serbia, as people that come from the society they grew up in, will best understand the needs and problems of the community.

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