There is water that springs in Serbia, which is a rarity in the world by its composition – Do you know what water is in question?

Do you know that in Serbia, near Trstenik, near the monastery of Veluće, water springs, which is very special in its composition and nutritional values? It is Mg Mivela – a natural source of magnesium, which separates it from all other waters, both in taste and in its beneficial effects on health.

In the heart of Serbia, surrounded by beautiful nature and a true oasis of peace, near the Veluća monastery, dating from the 14th century, water springs up, and the local population has believed in its healing effect for centuries. The famous Serbian physician and chemist Marko Leko was the first to record the chemical composition of Mg Mivela water and to point out its peculiarity. In fact, Mg Mivela contains 343 mg of magnesium in one litre, which can meet the daily needs of the body for this essential mineral that we need to consume daily. The importance of magnesium is indicated by the fact that it is required for the normal performance of several hundred functions in the body, such as muscle function, heart rate, nerve function, energy production, regulation of blood sugar, protein synthesis, electrolyte balance, proper bone and tooth construction and many others. As declining magnesium intake through food has been expressed in Western civilisation for decades, increasing importance is given to water as the source of magnesium. Recently, a new study presented in America has shown that Mg Mivela water has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Due to its natural composition, based on magnesium and bicarbonate ions, which give it a pleasant taste, this water, as a source of magnesium, is recommended for everyone – younger generations and adults, especially those who have increased needs for this mineral, such as pregnant women and physically active persons. Because of its uniqueness, Mg Mivela was ranked in the TOP 3 of the world’s functional waters, and in addition to this recognition, it received a Certificate of Healing from the Ministry of Health of Russia and the Russian Scientific Centre for Medical Rehabilitation. That is why we say that Mg Mivela water is treasure from the heart of Serbia.

Hills and mountain slopes of Eastern Serbia, Kopaonik Mountain.

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