Tips for a successful start of school

Super Vero gift for parents

A mini book in which you will find advices to prepare you for the new school year

Super Vero has prepared a unique book for all parents, thanks to which going to school will be easier for both them and their children. In it, you will find the advice of psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists and help your child to be ready to acquire new knowledge. You can get the publication “Book for parents” on September 1 in Super Vero stores, and read it today on the website

As the awarded educator Tanja Vrecko, points out, departure and return to school should not be presented as the end of play and fun. Also, one must have in mind that each child is different and that they will experience their new responsibilities differently. The tips from the book are there to help parents cope better in their role and help the child lay the foundation for better academic success.

“Apart from a wide range of  3,000 products for the school with affordable prices, this year, together with experts from various fields, we also created a textbook for parents. However, school is a challenge for the whole family. Many questions bother children, but also parents who would like to help them, and they do not have a school to go to and learn how to cope better in this role. That is why we have covered various topics related to school, children’s development and the challenges of education in the online world, “said Maja Kosic Vuckovic, Marketing Director at Veropoulos.

How much can parents influence a child’s speech development; what a visit to a speech therapist looks like; why sports schools are important for children and how a child learns through play; how to organize extracurricular activities so they are not to burden the child – these are just some of the questions on which you will get an expert opinion. The “Book for Parents” was supported by the Center for Child Psychology, the “Kids Zone” Sports School and the Logograd Speech Therapy Cabinet.

An interesting addition to these useful professional tips, which will appeal to even the youngest, are the stories about the school days of famous Serbs. Through short stories, children will learn more about Milutin Milankovic and Mihajlo Pupin.

EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK “Book for parents”

Mid-August is ideal to start preparations. We suggest that parents and children buy books, notebooks and school supplies together, as well as to include twisting books and sticking stickers in joint activities, because in that way parents are given space to introduce future students to new subjects and rules in the coming year and  prepare them for a new daily schedule at home… The first day of school is very important for the students and they pay a lot of attention to it because it is important to them what impression they will leave. The clothing combination for that day is planned in detail and it is an ideal moment for parents to do shopping with the child, to take into account the child’s wishes and motives for certain clothes and shoes… Essentially, we look at how they want to affirm themselves in a society that has already been formed or what motivates them to change…

Talk to your child about changes. Remember the previous year and announce this one. Mention all the changes that will happen. It can be a transition from a teacher to multiple teachers, see what your child thinks of it. Talk about subjects that might interest your child or about those that interested you at that age, that way he gets to know you, and some children identify.

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