Tomaž Kavčič, Honorary Consul of Serbia in Slovenia: It’s my honour to work for common good

It was an extraordinary honour for me to accept the appointment of the honorary consul of Serbia in Slovenia. Personally, I see this additional diplomatic function as an added value to my regular activities during which I will try to identify and promote the opportunities of improving the relations between the Republic of Serbia and Slovenia.

We interviewed Tomaž Kavčić, the Honorary Consul of Serbia in Slovenia and Vice President of the Serbian-Slovenian Business Association, immediately after he accepted his new diplomatic function.

The main goals of my engagement are certainly to support the development of friendly relations, the development of economic, cultural and scientific-technical cooperation between our friendly states, the development of trade and economic relations, such as organizing business forums and delegation visits, humanitarian activities and connectivity”, Mr. Kavčič says and adds: “Traditionally, the economic ties between Slovenia and Serbia have always been strong with a vast majority of export of the Slovenian companies ending up in Serbia. At the same time, investments from Serbia to Slovenia have been noticeably increasing in the last 10 years. Opportunities for cooperation are being recognized in several service fields like education and development of tourism.”

Have you managed to exchange experiences with your counterpart, Rajko Marić, the Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Serbia?

Yes, it was my great honour to have met the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in the Republic of Serbia and the esteemed lawyer, Rajko Marić on 26th October in Belgrade at a traditional Slovenian celebration of Martinovanje. The guests from Slovenia were members of the Slovenian Business Club. Ever since then we have been in touch. I expect him to visit the Zemono Castle, and I am going to visit him at the Slovenian Honorary Consulate in Novi Sad.

What are the ambitions of the Serbian-Slovenian Business Association of which you are the Vice President?

The Slovenian-Serbian Business Association or shorter BASS (Business Association of Republic Slovenia and Republic Serbia) was founded in February last year. It is a young association, which counts almost 50 members; companies from Slovenia and Serbia. The purpose of the establishment of the BASS is to promote economic ties between the two countries, which can be achieved through organizing trainings and meetings, individual or in groups. We also help our members in their operations on a particular market. Our vision for the BASS is that it provides important support in the integration of economic and entrepreneurial initiatives on the Slovenia – Serbia route and vice versa.

You are known as one of the most popular chefs in Slovenia. What are the similarities between the two cuisines? What is your favourite dish from Serbia?

Thank you for this compliment. It is a privilege for me to be able to prepare food for people. The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Slovenia share one important similarity – respecting tradition and basic ingredients, of which we both have a lot and is something that we could be very proud of.
I am not able to pick just one favourite Serbian dish. I like seasonal, local food that is prepared in a traditional way. Food is always connected to socializing, and I think that is where the Serbs excel in the world.

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