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If you want to go skiing, have fun or escape the summer heat, Jahorina is the right place for you. This mountain has activities for all generations and numerous accommodation facilities for travellers from all over the world.

Jahorina is a must-see destination on the itinerary of snow and winter sports fans from every corner of the world. Up to 265,000 skiers visit the mountain during the winter season. In addition to domestic tourists, the largest number of foreign visitors come from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, but also from countries such as Turkey, China, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Austria, Italy, and even Russia, Singapore and Great Britain.

This mountain is suitable for absolutely every age, but it is mostly considered an ideal place for family winter vacations. Most of our visitors are from ages 15 to 45, small children and seniors, who are very happy to spend their late working and retirement days in the fresh air and snow.

Jahorina has ample accommodation, both hotel and private, which can comfortably take a quarter of a million visitors during each season in facilities that are exactly to their taste.

With the highest peak Ogorjelica standing at 1,916m altitude, this powerful mountain, part of the Dinaric mountain range, is located at the junction of cold continental and warm Mediterranean climate. Such a climate is conducive to large amounts of snowfall, so the average number of snowy days stands at over 145, and the height of the snow can go up to 5m. The ten-year average snow heigh in February is 106cm. The snow here starts falling in October and melts around May.

This mountain is suitable for absolutely every age, but it is mostly considered an ideal place for family winter vacations. Jahorina offers a variety of activities for everybody who is not that fond of skiing, both in winter and summer.

During the summer, this mighty mountain has a very favourable climate with beautiful spring and summer, during which it is covered with green grass and various plants and trees, including beech, fir, spruce, maple and large vast pastures and meadows. Such a climate provides excellent conditions for athletes getting ready for competitions, and for guests suffering from respiratory diseases, as well as for anybody who wants to enjoy the magnificent, unspoiled nature and the intoxicating scent of the forest and its fruits.

Jahorina also offers a variety of activities for visitors who are not that fond of skiing. This ski centre is known for providing good fun, and hosting concerts of the biggest regional music stars, music festivals and performances. Jahorina is known for its good entertainment and hospitable approach to guests, excellent gastronomic and wellness offer. The mountain leaves nobody indifferent and most of the visitors come back, enchanted with everything that Jahorina has to offer.

With the highest peak Ogorjelica standing at 1,916m altitude, this powerful mountain, part of the Dinaric mountain range, is located at the junction of cold continental and warm Mediterranean climate and has 145 snowy days on average.


Olympic Bar is located at the very top of Jahorina and has a great view of the large lake and the surrounding mountains. Warmly tucked away, spanning 700 square metres, the Olympic Bar is a mountain spot with the best gastronomic offer. By pushing the boundaries of enjoyment, you can satisfy all your senses with excellent food made from locally sourced ingredients and a top-notch offer of drinks, refreshments and alcoholic beverages. You can reach the bar via a special warm tunnel from the new gondola, where friendly staff awaits you.

In the evening, the bar is the best place to spend time at, since you feel as you are on top of the world. Watching the mountain at night, which exudes strength and peace, is very a special feeling, as is riding on a gondola or a powerful snow grooming machine. Get ready to create new unforgettable memories!


Clean air and physical activity will work your appetite, and the traditional cuisine found on Jahorina is ideal for satisfying your hunger. The homemade specialities here are turkey with kajmak (clotted cream cheese), proja (cornbread) and beef or bacon stew. The homemade pie that is prepared at the Olympic Bar is something is unique and prepared in a way that our mothers and grandmothers used to make them. Every day, the cooks on Jahorina prepare homemade pie for their guests, for that warm and homely feeling.

Donuts with homemade kajmak, Jahorina cutlet and pork chop with cabbage are dishes that almost no one can resist, which a made with extra love in the unique ambience. You have to tray homemade baklava and pancakes, as the sweetest ending to every meal.


At the top of Jahorina, at the very entrance to the Olympic Bar, there is a conceptual souvenir shop whose ambience and products are perfectly synchronized with Jahorina’s tourist offer, which is based on local tradition and heritage.

Souvenirs are a special part of the tourist offer that emotionally connects the visitor to the place and reminds them of the time spent here. Souvenirs are ambassadors of tourism, an object that creates memories and very often we buy it intending to give it to someone we love or want to cheer up or we buy it as a reminder of our stay at a certain place.


Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a snow grooming machine and feel the magic of the mountain at night. Choose an unforgettable ride to the top of the mountain from starting at Poljica, from 5 pm to 9 pm, or book a private ride lasting 20 minutes via email .

If you decide to use one of the VIP cabins on the Poljica gondola or the Partizan gondola, you will create very special memories. Enjoy a romantic ride for two or celebrate a significant event with your friends or family, comfortably tucked away during this glamorous ride while enjoying complimentary mountain specialities and champagne.


Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is also the nearest large city. You can get to Jahorina from Sarajevo airport in two ways. The first leads through East Sarajevo (31km long road) and the second through Pale (37km long road). Jahorina is 210km away from Banja Luka, 540km from Ljubljana, 260km from Podgorica, 400km from Zagreb and 320km from Belgrade.

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