The European Union provides great support to the Republic of Serbia on its path towards European integration and it has been recognized by the provincial administration, making the European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina a unique institution that has successfully been developing and implementing EU projects for 10 years in order to accelerate the process of European integration, enhance the establishment and strengthening of international and regional cooperation and build the capacities of the province to seek maximum absorption of EU funds.

Thanks to its expertise and professionalism, the Fund has been recognized as a reliable partner in domestic, European and international circles. A vital role in increasing the visibility of AP Vojvodina is played by the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, which represents, promotes and increases the economic, scientific, cultural, educational and tourist capacities of AP Vojvodina. In addition to networking and expanding the partner network, the main task of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels is to assist the provincial institutions in the policy-making process of AP Vojvodina in accordance with European principles and practice.

The Fund has recognized the importance of continuing education and acquisition of new knowledge and skills, especially in the field of European affairs, in time and for five consecutive years, it has successfully organized the Specialised Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds” (hereinafter: the Programme). The great importance of the Programme is evidenced by the particular interest and satisfaction of almost 250 participants from the whole territory of Vojvodina, who will apply the know-how and skills they have acquired in the Programme and thus contribute to the development of their environment utilizing the EU funds available under the  EU programmes.

The success and longevity of this project indicates that it is a very important training course  and creation of a network of ambitious people ready to cope with the process of European integration. The attractiveness of the Programme is reflected in a balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that the participants acquire, and stands out from other training courses, first of all because of the quality of the lecturers, as well as the scope and quality of the content. In addition to a good theoretical background, the Programme also allows the acquisition of significant practical know-how and skills necessary for the preparation, writing and implementation of EU projects.

“An indicator that we are doing a good job and that we are on the right track is the satisfaction and great interest of the participants and eminent lecturers of the Programme. When we add to this the data that AP Vojvodina is leading in attracting EU funds – AP Vojvodina has attracted over 130 million euros within the framework of cross-border cooperation programmes only in the past few years, the success achieved by beneficiaries of EU funds from the province is to a large extent the Fund’s merit, in my humble opinion. Almost 250 ambitious people who have already undergone the Programme are a small “EU team” that is trained and prepared to work by high EU standards and contribute to the development and improvement of their environment by means of the recourses absorbed from EU funds.”

Vidosava Enderić, Director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina


The call for applications for the 7th cycle of the Programme, which is completely free of charge, is open. The Programme is aimed at employees of local self-government units, provincial administration, development agencies, public and public utility companies, educational institutions, cultural institutions, civil society organizations, small- and medium sized enterprises, faculties, research institutes and other institutions that can be beneficiaries of EU funds.

Given that we are facing the EU’s new financial perspective 2021-2027, this is an exceptional opportunity for all interested persons to apply and participate in the Programme, and to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31st January 2020, 16 hours.

The whole Programme is financed by the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

For further information about the call, as well as to download the application form, please visit the website of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina:

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