Traffic safety comes first – The Super Vero prize game that promotes traffic safety is starting

The Agency for Traffic Safety annually implements the “Investigation of Traffic Safety Performance Indicators in the Republic of Serbia”. Indicators for 2018 showed that in the territory of the Republic of Serbia the percentage of usage of seat belts in the front seats are 82.7%, while the seats in the rear seats are used only by 12.3% of drivers.

In addition, almost half of the cars exceed the permitted speed of 50 km per hour in populated areas, and a high percentage in school zones as well. If this fact is supplemented by the fact that a quarter of children cross the pavement outside the pedestrian crossing in the school zone, it is clear how important it is to slow down speed wherever children move.

When it comes to children, it should be noted that the percentage of usage of protective systems for children from 0 to 3 years is 59.9%, and for children from 4 to 12 years is 44.6%. Bearing in mind that on a frontal collision simulator, passengers fail to keep a 5 kg dummy in their hands, it is clear how important adequate child protection is in traffic.

Every fourth pedestrian crosses the pavement outside the pedestrian crossing, with 22.7% of them being red light. As children learn more from examples than lessons learned in other forms, it is not surprising that a quarter of children also cross the pavement outside the pedestrian crossing in the school zone.

In attempt to motivate citizens to be a part of the change for the better and set a good example for their environment, Super Vero has decided to launch a major giveaway on the topic of traffic safety.

Starting on  August 30th until  September 27th, all Super Vera visitors will be able to participate in the prize game with the symbolic title “Safe with Super Vero” and win valuable safety rewards: Toyota Yaris (5 star NCAP test), child seats for the car, bicycle or tripod helmets, car cameras for driving recordings, and vouchers for intensive NAVAK safe driving courses.

“Traffic safety is especially important at a time when children are returning to school. In order to raise awareness of the importance of this topic, both for children and adults, we decided that from August 29th to September 1st, at a time when a large number of parents with children would come to Jumbo to purchase school supplies or groceries in Super Vero, we will organize an educational weekend. I believe that anyone who tries a head-on collision simulator with a dummy in their hands will take a desirable and firm stance on seat belts and the use of safety seats. We have prepared tests of knowledge of traffic regulations and sweet rewards for schoolchildren in order to motivate them to renew important material before leaving for school. “- said Maja Kosić Vučković, Marketing Director of Veropoulos.

Visit Super Vero at 86a Milutina Milankovica Street, New Belgrade, make a smart purchase, test your traffic safety knowledge, participate in the giveaway and take the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

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