TRB Conquers New Markets

After the partial stabilization of the world market caused by the pandemic, from November 29 to December 2, one of the most important events at the global level in the military industry is taking place – the EDEX Fair in Cairo, Egypt.

More than 400 exhibitors will take part in the fair and the most modern achievements in this field will be presented.


The company Tehnički remont Bratunac / TRB / will present its entire production program at this fair, with a focus on the multifunctional vehicle “Despot”, which will be the first official promotion of “Despot” outside the borders of the Republic of Srpska, BiH and Serbia.

The semi-automatic pistol “RS 9 Vampir”, fuzes for military purposes, as well as a number of services we provide, will be presented in Cairo.

Egypt is a very important market for TRB, which has been operating in that country for several years and has several realized contracts, with the aim of improving and expanding the existing, new business cooperation and client network.

This fair is the third appearance of TRB at the world level during 2021, thanks to which we have achieved a very recognizable image and positioned ourselves on the world map.

TRB will present its products and services in an area of ​​170 square meters at this important fair event.

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