UNIQA Insurance has been awarded international certificate and golden medal “Customers’ Friend”

UNIQA Insurance Serbia is the winner of the prestigious international certificate and golden medal “Customer’s Friend – Superior Excellence” that international organization ICERTIAS (International Certification Association with its seat in Zurich, Switzerland) awards solely to companies that are bound to premium and exemplar customer relationships.

To be eligible for the golden medal “Customers’ Friend”, organizations nominated within this programme undergo a strict selection process of analysis encompassing a set of checks conducted by ICERTIAS organization.

Within the analysis for “Customers’ Friend” certification, UNIQA Insurance underwent a detailed process of examination and verification, where reputation, then communication and social networks through customer relationships, as well as innovations, financial stability and product quality, and user experience through simplicity, promptness and availability, including trust, reliability, integrity, transparency, and social responsibility were analyzed.

To be awarded a “Customers’ Friend” certificate and golden medal, insurance company UNIQA was assessed in a total of 21 categories in the course of analysis. Thanks to very high marks, UNIQA has earned the right to “Customers’ Friend – Supreme Excellence” status.

“UNIQA Insurance Serbia has been awarded such a prestigious recognition owing to its commitment to direct its focus to superior client service from its very entering the Serbian market. By introducing new products, which meet the needs of each individual client, then by developing online sales services and by digitalizing its business, we have managed not only to retain the existing clients but also to attract lots of new ones.”

It is the imperative of UNIQA Insurance, while taking good care of impeccable client service intertwined with its long-standing tradition, to continue its development by keeping step with trends and tailoring its business to clients’ needs, where time and comfort play an important role today. UNIQA Insurance introduces constant innovations in its business, the proof of which is our latest Video Claims Assessment, which is unique not only in the Serbian market but in the entire region as well. We have increased the speed, improved simplicity and availability through the introduction of numerous applications for tracking key strategic indicators for providing quality and efficient services to our clients. Through persisting education and promotion of company’s values we invest in employee development.



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