In 2017, United Group produced 30% of its channel content, and the percentage of its own content grew from 5% to 30% in five years.

The Group’s new investment covers Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. United Group (SBB, Telemach, United Media), the leading telecommunications and media platform in Southeast Europe, announced investments of 100 million euro in the production of local content, supporting local talents and media professionals. The year 2017 was a turning point for the Group, with 30% of the content broadcasted on United Group channels being the Group’s own, which represents significant support for creative teams in the region. Plans for further investments in the content include writing new scripts, creating new series and other local productions. Over the past year, United Group has produced content that includes popular drama, show-talent programmes and children’s programmes. Through its United Media channels, United Group had top ratings among cable channels in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017.


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