Vip revenues grew 21.5%

During the first quarter of 2016, Vip mobile had a revenue of 6.2 billion dinars, which is 21.5% more compared to the previous year and the EBITDA revenue grew by 22% up to the amount of 1 billion dinars. At the end of March, Vip had more than 2 million users and a market share of 22.6%. “The growth of Vip business is a result of the increased number of postpaid customers increasingly using various services, data transmission in 4G and 3G network, but also in increase of the purchase of smartphones,” said Andreas Graf, CFO of Vip mobile and Si.mobil. Vip remains the biggest greenfield investor in the country with more than 920m euros invested so far.

Vip centar, Knez Mihailova

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