Virtual tour around the world of club apples

Through digital activations, assisted by projections and virtual reality, club varieties grown by Delta Agrar were presented in the hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade.

This company has a license for eight club varieties. The four varieties presented are already grown in the orchards of Delta Agrar and they may be found on the shelves of our stores: “Modi”, “Kiku”, “Evelina“ and “Pink Lady“.

Club varieties are the result of years of crossbreeding and selectionists’ work, which is the cause of their specific characteristics: color, solidity, taste, size… Only the growers with a permit from the license holder may produce them, which guarantees the lasting quality of the harvested fruit.

At the presentation held at Crowne Plaza in Belgrade, visitors had the opportunity to experience the reality of the orchard in Čelarevo through VR glasses and 360° video. Interactive panels showed characteristics of the apple varieties lowered on a touchscreen, whereas the most enjoyable part of the experience was a VR game where visitors competed in catching falling apples. In addition to entertaining the guests, the game had a humanitarian character: the winner earned the right to donate 100 kilos of branded club apples to an institution of his choice.

Each of the four apple varieties was presented by a girl dressed in the spirit of the variety: some of the apples, such as Kiku, are often related to sports spirit and active lifestyle, whereas others, such as Pink Lady, are a favorite gift for Valentine’s Day because of their specific pink color and unique aroma reminiscent of vanilla and roses. Evelina is a modern, urban, youth-like, and Modi was named after the renowned Italian artist Modigliani, whose pictures of female portraits are known for their bright and shiny colors, just like the color of this apple.

In addition to the varieties presented today, Delta Agrar has the right to produce “Isaak”, “Red Moon”, “SweeTango” and “Rubens”.

Branded varieties appeared some 30 years ago. Today, they are mostly consumed in the wealthiest countries: the leading country in Europe is Great Britain, where only Pink Lady covers 12% of the market, and branded apples make up as much as one-fifth of the entire sale.

Delta Agrar grows club varieties in the orchards in Čelarevo and Zaječar, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology in this field. The plantation in Zaječar covers 200 ha, whereas the one in Čelarevo, with the surface of over 600 hectares, represents the largest one-piece orchard in this part of the world.

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