Vlatko Djuriček, Country Head of CTP Serbia: A Very Significant Year For us

We adapt to individual requirements and deliver a product that is fully customized to clients throughout the whole territory of Serbia, whether it’s production or warehouse

CTP owns THE CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of top-notch business parks in Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 5.0 million square metres of class A facilities in more than 98 strategic locations. The company plans to expand its portfolio of space for rent through an expansion of cooperation with existing clients, and at this moment, CTP is the only international institutional contractor-developer in Serbia in the industrial segment. The company has been operating at a global level for 20 years, and its most representative projects are the Brno Industrial Park in the Czech Republic and CTP Park Bucharest in Romania. Currently, CTP has 380 employees. CTP is interested in cooperation and constructing facilities for all business entities in Serbia, as well as for small companies and startups, both domestic and foreign. Vlatko Djuriček, Country Head of CTP Serbia, talks about further plans of one of the largest European contractors in the industrial facilities segment and the largest in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


CTP Invest has embarked on the implementation of the first stage of a new project. While works on the construction of CTPark Belgrade West in Šimanovci are near completion, a groundbreaking ceremony took place in another town in the heart of Šumadija – in Kragujevac. Can you tell us more about these projects?

— This year is important for us for many reasons. The construction of the first industrial park in Šimanovci is in the final phase, and we expect for the first tenants to move in at the end of July. The construction works spanning on 26,000 sqm are in progress in the town of Kragujevac too. By the end of the year, we expect a progressive growth of our portfolio up to 100,000 sqm which includes the development of parks in Novi Sad and Novi Banovci.


What does managing commercial real estate entail? What other services do you provide to your partners, apart from constructing industrial parks?

— The basis for efficient management of the commercial real estate is high-quality construction and delivery of products in accordance with client requirements. Real estate management requires knowledge of the market and examines the needs of potential tenants, but it also entails cooperation with trusted partners and secure systems. The results of our work are 450 satisfied tenants and the fact that over 97% of our facilities, spanning the total area of over 5 million sqm, are under a long-term lease, while 70% of new buildings are built for existing partners. On an annual basis, we build about 700,000 sqm at the group level.
What sets the CTP Company apart from its competition?

— First and foremost, CTP can offer to its customers its premium industrial space. It is crucial to know what our clients need. We adapt to individual requirements and deliver a product that is fully customized to clients throughout the whole territory of Serbia, whether it’s production or warehouse. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and therefore we are trying to meet all of their requirements as far as facilities are concerned, but also in a wider sense through facility and property management, transport of employees, construction of additional facilities such as hotels, hospitals, petrol stations, restaurants, lakes etc. to cooperation with faculties, high schools, city and municipal institutions and others, all in order to satisfy our clients and their employees. We are where our clients are at.

What experience does CTP have from doing business in several different markets? What are the plans of CTP Serbia for the upcoming period?

— Every new market brings certain novelties, but the similarities between all European markets are many. In Serbia, we are pioneers in the construction of industrial facilities of this size, and in addition to the existing projects worth 100 million EUR, we are planning on making additional investments. Our plan is for the CTP network to cover the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia and that we increase the portfolio by about 100,000 sqm every year for the next 5 years.

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