WaiWai noodles are entering the European market from Serbia

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The company CG Corp Global of Nepal, which has 122 companies and 76 brands, has opened its first plant in Europe, in Ruma. The world-famous “Wai Wai” noodles will be produced at this factory and will supply the entire European market.

CG CORP GOBAL, owned by Dr. Binod Chaudry, the first billionaire in the world of Nepalese origin, along with his son, Nirvan Chaudry, Managing Director of CG CORP GLOBAL, manages the operations of this company around the world. The Chaudrys opened the factory in Ruma with the company’s general manager and president of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. “I am very proud of the opening of this factory, this is the fourth factory I open in Ruma.” Aleksandar Vučić said at the opening. Dr. Binod Chaudry explained that they chose Serbia and Ruma after careful market analysis and strategical position of Ruma in the very centre of Europe, as well as the favourable business conditions in our country.


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  1. Dear CG Group,

    Is there wai wai available in Romania.I didnot find the exact place.

    Thanks And Regards

    Spandan Sharma

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