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Adecco Information Technology Serbia connects the best IT experts with the right job opportunities in leading IT companies. In an increasingly complex IT market our mission is to understand properly the needs for hiring technology talent and help companies fulfill them

ANDREJA ĐORĐEVIĆ, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

 JELENA MRČARICA, Professional Staffing Manager


Adecco Information Technology Serbia is a team of dedicated consultants specialized in providing recruitment and HR services in the IT industry. “To succeed in the complex world of technology, you need exceptional connections – to the right experts, the right opportunities and the right answers. Our consultants are always at the disposal of both companies and professionals to make these connections, and we do it every single day”, Andreja Đorđević, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant and Jelena Mrčarica, Professional Staffing Manager at Adecco say.


What can Adecco Information Technology offer to its clients?

› As the global leader in HR services, Adecco has a number of specialized daughter companies, including Modis, a team of experts that focus solely on providing recruitment and staffing services for the IT industry. Drawing from their best practices in larger markets, such as the US, UK or Italy, Adecco Information Technology Serbia is operating along the same principles to connect the best IT experts with the right employment opportunities in leading IT companies.

Are the companies you support delivering their products and services on the Serbian market, or are they looking to outsource some part of their business for foreign markets to Serbia?

› Most of these companies are developing software solutions for foreign markets which is the driving force behind such a rapid development of our IT market. However, in the last year, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of IT companies developing their own products on the local market. Companies of this type are prevalent on developed markets and they provide more challenging and interesting projects for IT professionals.

According to your experience, how difficult is to find IT professionals of different profiles in Serbia?

 › The fact remains that there is an imbalance between demands for and availability of IT experts on our market, as is the situation on a global scale. Applying our international expertise and a different, tailor-made approach to the IT market and job candidates in general, Adecco Information Technology has been very successful in providing clients with adequate candidates for a variety of job profiles. Our estimates show that there are around 20,000 IT professionals working on the Serbian market amongst which the  demand is the highest for software developers who have experience and skills related to the most widely used technologies, such as Java, .NET or PHP. Of course, other candidate profiles are also in demand, like those that work with the newest or less common technologies. The candidates for these kinds of positions are few and far between. Through having an open communication with companies and by setting joint goals, our team has managed to successfully respond to different demands both in the case when more typical candidate profiles were wanted, and when experts from a narrower niche were requested.

Which new trends in IT business have you noticed and how much do they affect further development of the IT market in Serbia?

› Hiring in our IT industry has recorded a 7% growth in the last year which puts Serbia in the top 5 countries in Europe with the fastest development in this segment. Still, our  growth is somewhat slower compared to the global one. This percentage could be much higher if we had more IT professionals with adequate know-how and skills. One of the ways of overcoming this problem would be to introduce a faster, more agile approach in education and training of IT professionals. This, of course, entails important changes in our education system which could provide a more specialized focus on technologies that the market recognizes as relevant. Most of the IT job candidates in Serbia come from the University of Belgrade (the three faculties in particular – electrical engineering, organizational sciences and natural sciences), as well as from the University of Novi Sad and the University of Niš. Over 2,000 young graduates from these universities have  found employment in the last three years. Furthermore, our survey shows that 15% of the people employed in the IT industry have changed companies in the last year which is much higher compared to the 6% average in other industries. The IT industry is very dynamic and we continuously work on the development of this part of our service. Our team consists of specialized experts in this field who fully understand the local IT market and follow the trends in this sector. The goal is clear – to provide companies with support and advice in growing their teams, and candidates with what is most important for them, the right offer for their professional progress.

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