Your finances from different perspective within UniCredit Bank’s new mobile application – mBanking expert

You would like to know how much you are spending monthly on food, bars or transport, but somehow you do not manage to follow all your daily expenses? Detailed monitoring and analysis of spending can help you in taking better financial decisions and that you can save money for all those things that really matter to you. Exactly this is provided by the new mobile banking application of UniCredit Bank – mBanking expert! State of the art user friendly design and innovative features of the app enables you to become a true budget expert.

For each transaction, whether it’s a loan monthly instalment, a payment of goods or services by cards, or a cash withdrawal from an ATM, mBanking expert application correctly categorises all your expenses. In this way, you have a very accurate insight into consumption, for which you no longer need balances, excel tables, special programs or going to the bank. In order to additionally simplify the insight each transaction can be found fast by keyword, category, date or amount.
“Rising popularity of smart phones in the last few years has completely changed the habits of people and thus the way we do banking. Some of today’s youngest consumers may never have need to enter the bank“, stated Feza Tan, CEO of UniCredit Bank Serbia. She also added that: „Aware of this fact, UniCredit teamed up with Meniga, a leading European FinTech’s digital banking software and the first joined project was conducted in Serbia. We are strongly committed to developing innovative products and services that deliver tangible benefits to our customers. Thanks to it, we will offer completely different solution on the market, helping our customers to become real experts in managing their banking and financial activities”.
By finger print scanning or face recognition you may access all products, documents, statements and notifications, which thanks to the chat option you can get support and assistance from our Contact center.
In addition to a financial advisor, mBanking expert application allows you, for example, to save even 12 branch visits, at least 4 hours of your time and at least 5,000 dinars annually.

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