Zerona Green Laser – the latest technology in aesthetic medicine

Cold laser and low-frequency technology will shape your body and remove fat deposits painlessly and safely.

Zerona Green Laser, produced by the U.S. company Erchonia, is a completely safe device, tested and licensed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Zerona Green Laser treatment is a completely non-invasive and painless method that does not heat or damage the tissue. It is suitable for people who are not allowed to use any other weight loss method due to certain problems.

Numerous studies have shown that a treatment using Zerona laser results in a systemic reduction of body fat. Fat deposits are evenly eliminated throughout the body, and not only in certain regions. Clinical trials conducted at Harvard, led by McKinney, have shown that a patient can lose between 8 and 30cm in waist, abdomen, hip and thigh circumference, which is a validation of the laser’s effective results.

It has also been shown that treatments with Zerona Green Laser can help fight insulin resistance as they balance out hormones in the body.


During the treatment, the patient can completely relax, because everything is done for their utmost comfort. Zerona Green Laser is placed above the region that will be treated without coming into contact with the patient’s body thus making them feel completely comfortable.

We need to point out that this laser does not destroy fat cells and does not reduce the number of fat cells in the body, but rather it only empties them, which is why there is a reduction in the body’s volume as it is being reshaped.

The green laser beams act directly on fat cells and hit them, which results in fat cells being emptied of lipids or fats, thus reducing their volume. The fat cell collapses after losing its contents. The content of the fat cell then goes to the lymphatic system and is excreted from the body through a completely natural detoxification process. Excess fat naturally leaves the body through the digestive and lymphatic system, without any stoppages and harmful effects.

These treatments are intended for everyone who wants to feel great in their body and get rid of fat deposits and unwanted pounds. They are also suitable for both women and men.

“The treatment itself does not require any prior preparation or recovery, as there are no side effects”

After the treatment, the client can return to their daily activities in the usual fashion.

Treatments are effective on the abdomen, hips, thighs, gluteus, arms and back, as well as on man suffering from gynecomastia. The treatment is effective in every region of the body where there are excess fat deposits.

The treatment lasts about 40-60 minutes per region. The client is lying down while the Zerona laser does its job.

The results also depend on the current state of the treated region. Our recommendation is to do at least 6 treatments. After a free consultation with our experts, each client will receive a recommendation for the number of treatments depending on their goal. The results will be more and more visible after each treatment.


There are no known risks associated with the Zerona laser therapy. The treatment is not painful. On the contrary, you can be completely relaxed while you are being treated, and after you are done, you will feel lighter and more energetic due to the biostimulation that is triggered in your body.


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