100 trees planted on Kopaonik

Kopaonik, the most famous mountain centre in Serbia, is richer for 100 new seedlings after the ecological action “Oxygen for Kopaonik” organised by the participants of the educational programme of the American Chamber of Commerce, together with representatives of Amcham and MK Group.

The green action was attended by 40 of the most successful students of the Belgrade University and young managers of AmCham member companies, and they were supported by representatives of local self-government and employees of MK Group. The site was previously prepared by the employees of JKP “Zelenilo”, and the first seedlings were planted by MK Group Corporate Communications Director Goran Golubović and Mayor of Raška Mirjana Škorić. “This marks the International Environmental Protection Day everywhere in the world, and we are planting spruces that normally cover the highest forest zone on Kopaonik, and we wanted to give a symbolic contribution to the preservation of the planet Earth,” said Goran Golubović, Corporate Communications Director of MK Group.

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