150 years of Staropramen

Staropramen at Street Food Festival continues to create remarkable moments

Following in footsteps of Street Food Festivals across the globe, all street food lovers have had an opportunity to enjoy the unique gastronomic experience in the heart of Belgrade whilst Staropramen, in an engaging atmosphere, accompanied by IrieFM’s
performance, celebrated an important anniversary – 150 years of best stories from Prague. Until Sunday, May 12, Tašmajdan Park served as the place of good fun, unique flavors of most versatile cuisines – including US, Asian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian and Chinese cuisines, together with Staropramen beer.

The one-of-a-kind gastro zone in downtown Belgrade, with cca 15 exhibitors of top quality food, culinary workshops, leading music
program and numerous activities is available to all young and urban citizens of Belgrade, tourists and recreational athletes who perceive
Taš as the main city oasis, as well as families who prefer to socialize in the open.
Tašmajdan Park is the best reminder of the importance of recycling and care for the environment. Thus, visitors paid special attention to a dress of unusual material created by young designer Milica Marinković within the campaign
“You too should recycle”.

Authentic plastic bags and cans were used as material for this clothing item. With this extraordinary display,

Apatinska pivara brewery once again highlighted the importance of recycling. Staropramen Street Food Festival visitors had an opportunity to recycle and win prizes at the “You too should recycle” exhibition stand.

Staropramen has been an integral part of unforgettable moments in the lives of beer lovers for 150 years now. With its support
to the Street Food Festival in the year of anniversary celebrations, Staropramen continues its positive streak. In addition to numerous
visitors, the host also welcomed reporters, as well as influencers Ivana Radovanović (Mogu ja to sama) and Igor Stanković (Izorgor)
who did not want to miss out on the atmosphere at the festival and who created their own stories at the Staropramen exhibition stand.
Within the Street Food festival’s versatile offer, Staropramen has once again confirmed why this beer perfectly accompanies different types of sausages from famous Wurst Platz’s menu and, always surrounded by high-quality stories, justified its reputation as a symbol of moments we would like to remember. One hundred and fifty years made of remarkable moments were celebrated in this way. With Staropramen, we are yet to make new ones.


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