16th IWC Charity Bazaar

16th IWC Charity Bazaar was successfully held on Sunday, December 3, in its usual venue, The Belgrade Fair, to which we are extremely grateful for all the hard work done, which is why the Event ran so smoothly and perfectly.

In the International Women’s Club we are all volunteers, having our daytime jobs and activities, so planning and undertaking the happening of such an extent is a huge endeavor. A lot of hours, sweat and hard work was committed to this Event with a noble cause. At the end we can surely say it was all worth it. The funds were collected and the Charity Committee of IWC will now put its efforts into identifying those in the highest need to be the beneficiaries of the IWC Fundraiser. It is praiseworthy how incredibly devoted were the spouses of ambassadors in their country booths, diligently preparing their goods, wrapping and selling all day long, packing food, pouring tea for the visitors of the Charity Bazaar, and most of them with their young children around helping and providing some happy childish noise.

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