19th Free Zone Awards: “Borci” & “Flašaroši” Best Films

The best films of the 19th Free Zone are “Borci” in the International and “Flašaroši” in the Regional selection. “Sokolovo jezero” was declared the best performance of the First Two Steps selection, the teenage jury awarded the film “Radikalno”, while the Audience Award went to the documentary “Mamula All Inclusive”.The jury consisting of Vladimir Šojat, Ana Pejović and Alen Munitić awarded the award for the best engaging film of the International Selection to the documentary “Borci” by the Norwegian author Jon Haukeland, “because of the authentic and honest presentation of how an individual can achieve a positive impact on society.”

Trailer – Borci: http://y2u.be/FYm9w6q3jUA

Special recognition went to the documentary “Neizbrisiva sećanja” by Maita Alberdi from Chile, “because it masterfully reminds us of the harsh truth that all memories are erasable, both personal and collective.”

The award for the best engaged film in the regional competition Horizonti Balkana was won by the documentary “Flašaroši” by Nemanja Vojinović, “a portrait of a disappearing world, as well as an alarming picture of a society on the brink of an ecological disaster”, according to the explanation of the jury, which worked in the composition of Vuk Ršumović, Narcisa Darijević Marković and Miloš Pušić. 

Trailer – Flašaroši: https://youtu.be/zXPjV4qrLsA-

The Human Rights Award was won by the feature film “Rana oklevanja” by Selman Nadžar from Turkey, which “raises complex questions of personal and social morality and the justice of the world we live in”, explained the jury.

The special prize in the Regional selection was awarded to the documentary “Šta da se radi?” Goran Dević, “for exceptional persistence and consistency in portraying the transition, in a film that awakens empathy and warns of the cruelty of the long-awaited liberal capitalism.”

Charlotte Le Bon’s directorial debut, “Sokolovo Jezero” winner of the First Two Steps selection, “is an enchanting combination of naturalistic teenage romance and mystical elements”, emphasized the jury of this selection, which consisted of Nikola Spasić, Ivana Jadrić and Dina Duma.

Trailer – Sokolovo jezero: https://youtu.be/ExqPnkrSss4-

Special recognition in this category was awarded to the documentary “Snajka: Dnevnik očekivanja” by the debutante Tea Vidović Dalipa, who, “through the narrative of her own marriage, skillfully initiated a dialogue that bridges cultures and traditions in a very unique and personal way.”

The high school jury, which consisted of the students of the Fourteenth High School Teodora Pribaković, Iva Živković, Nikola Bojović, Nataša Leto and Zoja Andrijanić, declared “Radikalno” by Christopher Zala from Mexico as the best film of the EU Teen Zone selection. “We think that not enough is written about the problem of the school system, and that’s why we particularly liked this film,” explained the students.

Trailer – Radikalno: https://youtu.be/UEmy6t5cOIw

The audience award went to the documentary “Mamula All Inclusive” by Aleksandar Reljić with an average rating of 4.96.

Since this year, the Free Zone, in cooperation with the B92 Foundation, has been awarding the “Olivera Ranđić” Award for the most creative contribution to (in)formal education. The first winners of this award are long-time collaborators of Olja, the B92 Fund and the Free Zone: Melita Ranđelović, Vesna Štrbić, Zagorka Aksentijević, Jelena Joksimović, Aleksandar Vajzner, Dragan Popadić and Ilinka Miletić.

From November 6th to 19th, part of the film program of the 19th Free Zone will be available to the audience in all of Serbia via the KinoCauch platform.

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