McDonald’s, the world’s renowned restaurant chain, marks its 30th anniversary in Serbia this year.

McDonald’s was the first international company to come to former Yugoslavia and Southeast Europe in 1988 and the first chain of restaurants of its kind that introduced a new business culture and food service.

During all these years, McDonald’s also changed in terms of modernization, monitoring of technological and market trends and trends, but what has been constant since the first day and why this company is well known around the world is the top quality products, services and customer satisfaction.

“Over the past three decades, we invested heavily in Serbia, we opened 26 restaurants, employed over 1200 people and served millions of guests. All these are facts that confirm that McDonald’s is a reliable partner to the Serbian economy. This year, we plan to open another restaurant in November in Novi Sad, and in the next years we will continue with investments, opening new restaurants and hiring new people, “said Veselin Janićijević, director of McDonald’s in Serbia, adding that the employees who are extremely dedicated to their business, loyal and open to new knowledge and experience, are the most important pillar of this company’s success.

In the year that marks the thirtieth anniversary of its work, McDonald’s has introduced several new services in Serbia, such as delivering food at home in Belgrade and Novi Sad, serving table foods, where hostesses in restaurants help guests by giving guests food , he can sit and hostesses bring him food to the table. In addition to the guests at the restaurants, self order kiosks are available, where the guest himself orders food, as well as the made for you concept, where food begins to accrue after the customer has made the order.

For a 30-year success, McDonald’s partners are also responsible, local suppliers who comply with all procedures and rules when food safety is concerned and who deliver daily groceries to restaurants every day.

McDonald’s shares its success with the local community in which it operates by supporting a variety of sports, art and cultural events, but it also helps numerous associations, institutions, and people with special needs by providing them work at McDonald’s restaurants and thus helping their inclusion.

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