30 years since the signing of the NAFTA agreement between Canada, Mexico and the USA

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the NAFTA agreement, a reception was held yesterday at the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade.

Ambassadors of USA, Canada and Mexico at the reception

– Celebrating 30 years since the signing of the NAFTA agreement is proof of our common belief that trade agreements represent a cohesive factor in connecting people, countries and continents. Trade ties between Canada, Mexico and the US are strong. Since 1993, trilateral trade in goods between Canada, Mexico and the US has more than tripled, allowing our companies to create new jobs, innovate and grow together. Economies need to develop and grow. Our trade agreements also continue to evolve, and now include better environmental and labor standards, as well as better regulation of digital trade and small businesses. In this way, NAFTA evolved into the new USMCA agreement in 2020. Through the exchange of goods and investments, the social ties between our three countries have developed significantly. Cultural and artistic exchanges in various forms, including gastronomy and tradition, academic exchanges, sports and student mobility, are continuously growing between our three countries, adding a social and human component to trade and investment exchanges. One clear example of this social dimension of the NAFTA agreement is the hosting of the next FIFA World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America in 2026. We hope that the experience of North America can become an example for other regional free trade agreements around the world, including the Western Balkans – said the organizers of the reception.

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