30th anniversary – Crowning achievement of successful business

Perić Trans, a family business and a leader in providing international transport services, this year marks three decades of successful operations.

Since its inception, the company has been gradually developing, and today has over 160 employees and has expanded into three segments – international transport, sales and rental of construction machinery and equipment (for civil engineering).

Photo: Perić Trans

A successful organization, top quality services, experience and professionalism characterize all three of the company’s operational segments. The company’s core activity is international transport services. It disposes of a modern fleet of trucks and it operates in line with the highest global standards. Perić Trans specializes in the transport of goods in controlled conditions, the transport of liquid food according to GDP and IFS standards, and the transport of medication in line with the relevant pharmaceutical standards.

The company’s vehicle fleet consists of over 100 state-of-the-art trucks and trucks with semi-trailers suitable for the transport of all types of cargo in temperature-controlled conditions. All trailers are the latest generations, produced between 2020 and 2021, and can store good at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +25°C. All our vehicles are equipped with the latest communication devices and devices for monitoring the operating parameters of the vehicle and the condition of the transported goods. They also have satellite tracking of vehicle position (GSP) and temperature tracking of goods in real-time. Our trucks have an archive of temperature lists for the past 10 years so that the owners of the transported goods can monitor the location of their goods at any time and plan their arrival at the desired destination.

All of our trucks used for international transport services are of the Euro 6 category.

They can be used for single and groupage shipments from Serbia and the countries of the region to the EU and inside the EU and urgent deliveries with a double vessel system suitable for perishable goods. We also offer the transport of goods in quantities less than the full capacity of the vehicle (LTL shipment) from the Benelux market, Germany, Austria and Italy to Serbia. Trailers with double cooling devices can transport all types of goods in two different temperature regimes. They also have partition walls, suitable for the simultaneous transport of two or more different types of goods, as well as double floor trailers for transporting 33-66 pallets in temperature mode.

The company pays special attention to adhering to the logistics standards in the so-called cold chain. By constantly improving and monitoring the requirements of clients and the market, Perić Trans is constantly working to maintain the quality of services they provide, including integrated logistics services in the cold chain. The company is also mindful of food safety when using a tank or refrigerator truck while respecting all HACCP rules. In order to provide a superior transport service, the company is ISO, IFS and GDP certified.

Perić Trans is constantly working to maintain the quality of services they provide, including integrated logistics services in the cold chain.

The importance of driver training and Good Distribution Practice (GDP), implemented by our managers, are extremely important, especially when it comes to transporting medicines that require constant supervision, starting with loading goods, securing cargo, closing the refrigerator door, transporting and unloading goods. At all times, our drivers and GDP managers are available to provide relevant information during transport. We pay special attention to employee training, starting from the process of cleaning and disinfecting the loading area to a strictly controlled temperature regime during transport. All trailers possess ATP certificates and sensor calibration certificates, which are renewed annually.


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