40 Years of JUBMES banka’s Experienced Decisions

JUBMES banka celebrated a milestone anniversary, 40 years of successful business operations, in the presence of numerous guests, clients and friends of the bank, at an official event in the Crowneplaza Hotel.

The guests were welcomed by Dr Miloš Vujnović, President of the Executive Board in JUBMES banka, Dr Lola Stamenković, Assistant Manager of the “For Children’s Hearts” Foundation, and Radovan Draškić, CEO of Hidrotehnika-Hidroenergetika a.d., a bank’s client for 40 years.

Dr Miloš Vujnović, President of the Executive Board of JUBMES banka, addressed the guests by noting that in the past four decades JUBMES banka accomplished numerous successes – as one of the most reliable in its sector, providing financial assistance for many capital projects that local companies executed in the country and abroad.

“By entering the fifth decade of operation, we are opening the door to new ways and directions of doing business, introducing new services and enhancing the new ones, creating new and exciting stories, focusing on plans for more stable and modern operations, preparing for further development of new technologies and turning to new markets. We will invest our know-how and experience in further advancement of our business approach. We will remain adaptable, efficient, responsible, in order to maintain a high business reputation of the bank and respond to all challenges ahead of us in the next 40 years,” said Dr Miloš Vujnović.


In 40 years of operations, JUBMES banka, has nurtured relations with the community where it operates, as one of the pillar of its operations. Numerous CSR activities have assisted the community in many aspects, supporting various projects of humanitarian-social and development nature.

“For us, the most significant of those projects is one of the longest-lasting charities here – the “For Children’s Hearts” Foundation, which celebrates its 27th anniversary this year. JUBMES banka is one of the founders of this foundation, aimed at improving conditions of treating children with congenital heart problems. Wishing to mark the anniversary adequately, as well as to improve the Foundation’s activities, the bank has recently launched a special site of the “For Children’s Hearts” Foundation – www.zadecjesrce.rs. Thus we have aimed to create an opportunity for the public to raise funds and help the Foundation collect sufficient funds for its work,” noted Dr Lola Stamenković, Assistant Manager of the “For Children’s Hearts” Foundation.

The guests at the celebration event had an opportunity to see an exhibition of photos and devices of relevance throughout 40 years of the bank’s operations, from people who managed the bank, to executed capital projects, to innovation that follows.

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