Belgrade Chopin Fest and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belgrade organized the concert of the Autumn Echoes of the 6th Belgrade Chopin Fest on November 3 in the Belgrade City Assembly.

The Concerto of the Chopin Fest series is traditionally held every autumn from 2012, marking the Festival marking the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest composers in the history of humanity, Frederick Chopin. The two-part homage presented the outstanding artists: string quartet Mistik Cello, young pianist stars, 12-year-old Lara Arbajter and 16-year-old Galina Nikolin, and pianist Ukia Ovaskainen. In the crowded Hall of the Belgrade City Hall, in the presence of numerous representatives of diplomacy, European institutions and companies, along with the notes of the poet Klavir, music timelines took place – the stormy emotions of the Chopin era were revived. After the concert, the artists and the audience continued to socialize at a festive cocktail organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.


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