90% of citizens like contactless payments

Societe Generale and Mastercard presented trends in the use of payment cards, new contactless cards within the framework of the advanced service packages of Societe Generale Bank and the advantages of credit card postponed payments.

The results of MasterIndex Serbia 2017 research show that Serbia is a debit market because 84% of respondents use debit cards – 47% say they only use them, while 37% of respondents combine debit cards with credit cars. Debit cards are commonly used for food purchases (65%), petrol (28%) and clothing (26%), while credit cards are most often used for larger purchases of furniture and home appliances, as stated by 45% of respondents. Societe Generale Bank has presented new contactless payment cards that enables clients to pay for goods and services at home and abroad but also on the Internet quickly, easily and with numerous benefits. For amounts up to 1,500 dinars it is not necessary to enter the PIN code, which makes this type of payment ideal for transactions at points of sale such as supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations and the like.

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