9th PDP Conference

Contests of the 9th PDP conference in Novi Sad, in the field of photography and poster design, have been opened and will last until September 15th. From the 19th to the 22nd of October 2017, the ninth edition of the PDP Creative Media Conferences will be held in the premises of the Student Cultural Centre Fabrika.

The topic of the “As It Should Be” conference will talk about how to deal with visual communication means to take responsibility for creating, encouraging and changing collective thinking. A powerful tool is in the hands of visual creators, so the theme As It Should Be is encouraging thinking – in what way does the artist’s work ease or beautify the person’s reality? Through lectures and workshops we will learn what is really important in the process of creating a concept, and how through flirtatious forms and functions to achieve aesthetic and usable maximum. Also, the theme As It Should Be will provide an answer to the question of how creative industries can affect society’s regeneration and improving people’s lives on a personal and collective level.

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