“A Coffee with…” Zoran Kesić in the UK Parliament

Serbian City Club from London hosted Zoran Kesić, TV host and author of the popular TV show “24 minutes with Zoran Kesić” in the UK Parliament in the series “A Coffee with …”. The event was opened by journalist Danica Ilić, who was also the moderator. The event was delayed for 24 minutes after which Kesić came up with the famous cup, which is a trademark of the his show “24 minutes with Zoran Kesić” In a crowded hall of the Parliament, with laughter and good humor, he discussed the criticism of modern society and the political situation in Serbia through TV programmes with a satirical approach to reality, as well as the state of media and journalism in Serbia. Part of the discussion was devoted to the role of the Diaspora in the processes in the country and the development of its society.

Danica Ilić i Zoran Kesić u Parlamentu VB
“Jubilation. This is the word that best reflects my experience of performing in front of our people in the British Parliament. It is a privilege to see the Parliament building, even greater is the honour of speaking in it, a pleasure to talk, laugh and by God, happiness is to have a beer after the events at the nearby pub and make new friends with Serbs living in London” said Zoran Kesić that occasion, adding:” I cannot wait to convey to the guys from my team in Belgrade how much they are loved and gladly watched in England.”

Zoran Kesić u Parlamentu Velike Britanije Publika u Parlamentu VB na događaju Na kafi sa...Zoranom Kesićem Srpski siti klub i Zoran Kesić
Serbian City Club, as organiser of the series “A Coffee with…”, shared their impressions of the event: “Another awesome evening with unique guests. Kesić’s charisma, openness and kindness have greatly contributed to a great atmosphere, interesting discussions and very good atmosphere with a lot of laughter. Very openly we discussed the topic of media and censorship, both in Serbia and in the UK, whether and how they affect social media, distorted perception of Serbia on Diaspora, as well as the humour, and its role and influence of commenting the current status in society. “

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