A new fast money transfer service in the Direktna Banka

Payment institution TransferNova d.o.o. in cooperation with the Direktna Banka a.d. Kragujevac started providing a fast money transfer service – Ria Money Transfer.

This service is available in all branch offices of the Direct Bank throughout Serbia. In addition to the sales network of the Direktna Banka, the Ria Money Transfer Fast Money Transfer service is available to citizens within the Piraeus Bank branch network, which will be connected to the Direktna Banka by the end of October 2018. Money sent to Serbia via Ria Money Transfer service is paid in euros and is available to customers within 15 minutes from the moment of sending, without additional costs for the recipient. This fast money transfer service is characterised by transparency, as well as lower costs for users who send money from abroad. In addition, the company’s business strategy is based on a fast, secure and affordable money-receiving service.

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