A New Way of Urban Living in Belgrade

The vision behind Belgrade Waterfront is to bring the world to you

As seen from the riverfront, Belgrade Waterfront is a towering monument to architectural excellence, diverse lifestyles and stands as the epitome of modern urban living. From inside, the new urban complex offers an unparalleled standard of living with a novel approach to offer modern buyers everything they desired, regardless of lifestyle, age, or interests.

Photo: Predrag Vučković

The Beating Heart of Belgrade

Belgrade is well known for its frenetic energy, way beyond the borders of our country. The Serbian capital stands proud as one of the most interesting destinations in Europe not only for its rich and tumultuous past and unique architecture that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world but because of its pulsating rhythm that never lets the city sleep.

From art shows to grand concerts, Belgrade Waterfront offers its residents a unique position to experience some of the most magnificent events the capital will ever see. Just a few weeks ago, art lovers had the pleasure of listening to Andrea Bocelli, the world-famous Italian tenor and Portugal’s queen of fado – Mariza. A striking combination of different energies perhaps most adequately describes the harmonic synergy contained within Belgrade Waterfront.

The World on the Palm of Your Hand

An experience, an emotion, a step outside the comfort zone is what we etch into our memories. As humans, we are attracted by new journeys that expand our horizons and help us understand the world. The vision behind Belgrade Waterfront is to bring the world to you.

Standing as the tallest building in the region, Kula Belgrade will host the first St. Regis hotel and branded residences in this part of Europe. The luxurious brand known for its rich tradition spanning more than a century and its refined rituals that are uniquely crafted to provide guests with an exceptional experience will soon open its doors in Belgrade, creating a new dimension of luxury.

The St. Regis Belgrade and The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade will cater to the personal passions of guests and residents and the unique expertise so fondly cared for by the brand, to craft exceptional offerings exclusive to St. Regis.

A walk through Belgrade Waterfront takes you on a global journey, giving you the chance to experience all the curiosities of the Asian cuisine or try some of the best cocktails in the entire city, all the while basking in the calm of a sunset on the bank of Sava River.

A Choice of Your Own

Whether you prefer the intimate and cozy atmosphere of a studio apartment or the grand feeling a four-bedroom apartment offers, Belgrade Waterfront has a unique selection of premium apartments designed to accommodate all lifestyles. If your deal day ends with a glass of exquisite wine in the privacy of your garden or if you prefer a stunning panorama as the day comes to an end, your daydreams will find their foothold in the reality of Belgrade Waterfront.

The vision behind Belgrade Waterfront is to bring the world to you

The complex was built following the latest residential trends around the world, fusing together the calm of greenery with the bustling streets of the old part of Belgrade. This novel approach offers residents areas to blissfully enjoy spending time and playing with their kids and pets, while not being more than five minutes away from a stand-out restaurant that offers a world-class experience for marking special occasions.

With the quality of life in mind, all buildings within Belgrade Waterfront feature 24-hour-staffed reception areas, private yards, and parking spots, so that you can say goodbye to the inner-city pursuit of finding the last free parking spot.

So far, more than 4,500 apartments have been already sold. Residents have moved into 7 buildings since the beginning of the projects, in more than 1,500 apartments, and many more are expected to be moved into by the end of the year.

A spectacle need not be in motion. Art may indeed have other purposes other than itself. A residential complex can be so much more than an address. Belgrade Waterfront’s approach to modern living is the cornerstone of the life you deserve.

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