A reception in honor of the Fest held at the French Embassy

The reception organized in honor of the French and Francophone delegation visiting the Fest was held at the French Embassy in Belgrade

Ambassador of France Pierre Cauchard greeted the crowd, which included actress Annabelle Langron, director from Madagascar Laza Razanayatovo, as well as Olivier Sabi, a member of the French Council of State.

Ambassador Cauchard emphasized that the ties between Serbia and France are now lasting for 180 years.

– Those ties are particularly strong in the field of culture and film, Serbia is a big country with a rich history of film, especially during the time of Comrade Tito, who had a great passion for cinematography – said Cauchard and added that the Fest is at the center of those relations.

– We are satisfied with the numerous francophone delegation at the Fest and the fact that the festival works to promote women – Cauchard said.

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