A winning year for Telekom Srbija

During his first year at the company’s helm, its CEO Vladimir Lučić signed agreements stipulating the formation of the most prestigious international partnerships, Venture Capital Fund was launched, expansion in the region continued, the number of subscribers, revenues and EBITDA all went up, and in 2022, the revolutionary 5G network will be launched

The European Investment Bank’s EUR-70-million investment in the implementation and development of the 5G network marked the end of 2021 for Telekom Srbija, which was a winning year for the company in every sense.

Vladimir Lučić, CEO Telekom Srbija

The cooperation with the EIB is also the latest in a series of international partnerships that Telekom Srbija forged with the largest global brands in the past 12 months.

In the mentioned period, Telekom launched the Euronews Serbia information channel together with the renowned European media company, Euronews, to provide viewers with objective, balanced and timely information from the country and the world, in line with the highest international standards.

Then, at an outstandingly competitive tender, Telekom Srbija won six-year rights to TV broadcasts of English Premier League matches in the entire region. Thanks to that, top-notch football from the Champions League, Europa League, Spanish Primera, Italian Serie A, Italian French Ligue 1, Portuguese Premier League, alongside the American NBA Basketball League, will be broadcasted on Arena Sport channels. This will significantly contribute to the further increase of the subscriber base in the entire region and generate substantial marketing revenues.

Also, Telekom Srbija has partnered with the world’s largest media company known for business and finance news to launch the regional multimedia network Bloomberg Adria this year. Bloomberg Adria is expected to play a significant role in the economic integration and economic progress of the entire region.

The exclusive regional partnership with Vodafone, the largest telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, is crucial for the development of Telekom Srbija. This cooperation has two dimensions – one which will lead to improved digital services, products and communications, and the other that will lead to the increase in the efficiency of the procurement process.

Vodafone is also a global leader in the development of the 5G network, so their technologies, know-how and experience will be of great importance for a strong breakthrough of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Serbia via Telekom.

Telekom Srbija’s future is closely linked to the digital future of the country, and the company is focusing its efforts on accelerating the digital transformation of the Serbian economy and society”

Telekom Srbija’s future is closely linked to the digital future of the country, and the company is focusing its efforts on accelerating the digital transformation of the Serbian economy and society.

Following that, in 2021, Telekom Srbija established the Corporate Venture Capital Fund (CVC) for startup ideas, intending to invest 25 million euros in startups in the next five years. In 2022, Telekom will invest heavily in sectors such as AI, Big Data, FinTech, e-commerce, IoT, media and telco, AdTech, B2B / B2C, SaaS and blockchain through its CVC Fund.

What is especially interesting to the general public are investments in media content, and in addition to sports, Telekom has invested in the most popular feature programmes, such as the TV series “Besa”, “Crna Svadba”, “Kalkanski Krugovi”, “Tajna Vinove Loze” and “Državni Službenik”, which is a real hit in South America.

In 2022, Telekom Srbija will remain committed to increasing its share in a highly competitive and fast-growing market, as well as nurturing strong financial indicators. The company ended last year with almost 1.2 billion euros in revenue, and since 2018, it has recorded an annual growth rate of 5 percent. Also, the EBITDA margin increased by 13% and now stands at 38%. At the same time, the subscriber base continues to grow year on year and Telekom Srbija currently has about 11 million subscribers in Serbia and abroad.

The Number One in South-East Europe

Telekom Srbija is Serbia’s largest telecommunications and multimedia provider and a market leader in South-East Europe with strong growth potential. Today, the company is proud to provide content in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia under the MTS and m:tel brands. Also, Telekom Srbija is present in Austria with impressive business results. This was a trigger for the company to record growth in the German and Swiss markets too, where soon it will open 30 shops. As a joint-stock company, Telekom Srbija operates under a two-tier system with a Corporate Governance Code under EU best industry practice and OECD principles.

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