About Internet Security Keepers on DIDS 2018

In the year when the .RS domain celebrates its 10th birthday, the most visited annual conference on the Internet in Serbia – DIDS 2018 is held for the ninth time. It is organized by the Foundation “National Internet Domain Register of Serbia” (RNIDS) on March 6 and 7, in Hotel “Metropol Palace” in Belgrade. The slogan of the Internet domain of Serbia this year reads “Internet identity guards”.

The first block of DIDS, titled “Cyber ​​Personality”, is dedicated to the European and global, current theme GDPR – the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, which will enter into force in the EU at the end of May and affect the business of certain business entities in Serbia. About her, as well as other aspects of privacy on the Internet, moderator Vladimir Radunović will talk to the panel discussion participants.
Thomas Rickert, chairman of the Forum for Names and Numbers at the Internet Industry Association “eco”, is a lawyer from Germany, who will also hold an introductory lecture on the subject. The discussion will be joined by Cormac Callanan, Director of Aconite Internet Solutions from Ireland, and Nevena Ružić, Assistant Secretary General for the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.
The second block is called “Digital heritage” and deals with digitization in culture and science, and the moderator is Dr. Tamara Vučenović.
Before the panel discussion, the introductory lecture will be given by Matjaž Filo, Head of the IT Department at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. Dr. Adam Sofronijević, Deputy Director of the University Library “Svetozar Marković” in Belgrade, and Nikola Božić, program director of the Petnica Research Station, also take part in the discussion.
The third block, called “Online Business”, is moderated by Radomir Lale Markovi
ć, who is also the head of the entire Conference. Milovan and Branka Matijevic from the Mineco Computers company will present the results of the research “The Index of Digital Vitality of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises in Serbia 2017”, which was done for the first time in Serbia at the beginning of the block.
Then we will present to you local companies that successfully use all the advantages of Internet technologies on national internet domains: vivatravel.rs, garden.rs, archiplay.rs, iskonmode.rs, studiomaruska.rs and teglas.rs.
Within the framework of DIDS 2018, March 7, a Regional TLD forum will be held – an expert meeting for representatives of national Internet registers from the region.
DIDS is, as before, free for all visitors, with mandatory registration due to limited number of sites. Registration of visitors begins at the end of February, through the site at the addresses
 dids.rs и дидс.срб.

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