Adria Summit 2024: San Francisco Inspires Adria Business Chamber

From May 8th to 12th, the luxurious hotels Kempinski Adriatic in Umag and Kempinski Palace in Portorož, Istria, hosted over 400 participants from various sectors of internet business, digital commerce, finance, internet law, and digital marketing who attended the third Adria Summit

More than 80 speakers from around the world shared their knowledge and experiences, creating fertile ground for idea exchange and business networking.

The main goal of the conference was to empower companies in the region and pave the way for doing business in the United States, with a special focus on San Francisco as the epicenter of the internet industry.

Adria Business Chamber: Support for the development and cultural integration of the region

One of the key moments at the Adria Summit was the announcement of the establishment of the Adria Business Chamber, an initiative aimed at supporting the economic development and cultural integration of the region. This initiative was supported by Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Stefan Lazarević, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, as well as representatives of the business community from San Francisco.

At the opening, Stefan Lazarević highlighted the region’s potential to become the “European California,” fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: “This region possesses many characteristics that can contribute to its positioning as innovative and entrepreneurial, which in a way identifies us as California within Europe.”

Zoran Torbica, one of the conference organizers, emphasized the importance of the Adriatic Chamber of Commerce as a pillar of hope and opportunity for businesses and students: “At the heart of our vision lies the Adria Business Chamber – a pillar of hope and opportunity for both businesses and students. We envision a space that not only fosters economic exchange but also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Adriatic region. We are committed to empowering the next generation of leaders through education. By providing scholarships, internships, and mentorship programs, we aim to bridge the gap between the Adriatic region and globally recognized universities in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Torbica emphasized that vision alone is not enough and presented a real estate project as a tangible manifestation of commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency: “By purchasing a building and using rental income to fund our activities, we ensure that the Adria Business Chamber  remains independent and resilient, capable of weathering any storm.”

This ambitious project aims to provide long-term stability and autonomy to the Adria Business Chamber, enabling it to continually support the business community and contribute to the region’s development.

The future of e-commerce: What can we expect next?

At the panel on the future of e-commerce, Konstantin Konstadinov from Rakuten Viber discussed the transformation of Viber into a super app, emphasizing its crucial importance: “Users spend most of their time on messaging apps. Therefore, it is logical to adapt the app they spend the most time on so they can do absolutely everything, from financial transactions to ordering food. The super app changes the game. Why use ten apps on your phone when you can have everything in one?”

Konstadinov emphasized that integrating various services within one platform not only simplifies the user experience but also increases efficiency and convenience in users’ everyday lives.

Adria Summit truly connects people

One of the interesting moments at this year’s Adria Summit was the reunion of Goran Tintor and Marijana Agić-Molnar. Last year, they represented the company DATA DO, while this year they appeared as part of the Direct Media United Solutions team.

As Tintor explained, “At last year’s Adria Summit, we made contact with people involved in business networking. They joined us, recognized the potential of our collaboration with Direct Media, and figured out how they could integrate into their system. They connected us with Direct Media, and the acquisition of our team happened. Now it’s working excellently, and we are very satisfied.”

Jelena Đukanović’s fashion show premiere at the Adria Summit

In addition to educational content, participants of the Adria Summit enjoyed various activities such as a golf tournament, golf lessons, beach yoga, and agrotourism. Every evening, parties were organized, with a gala dinner taking place on May 9th at the Kempinski Palace in Portorož.

A special event that further enriched the experience of the participants was the premiere of the fashion show “Inner Voice” by designer Jelena Đukanović. Slovenian top models showcased designs from her latest collection, adding glamour and attracting significant attention. The show was also attended by Ashok Murty, a renowned stylist, further enhancing the significance and prestige of the event.

This fashion show was one of the highlights of the Adria Summit, showcasing the fusion of business and cultural excellence and leaving a strong impression on all attendees.


The Adria Summit has once again affirmed its status as a key event for the business community of the region. Through diverse panels, workshops, and informal gatherings, foundations have been laid for future business ventures and collaborations, especially in the context of approaching the American market and adopting the latest technologies. The initiative to establish the Adriatic Chamber of Commerce represents an important step towards further strengthening the regional economy and connecting with global markets.

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