Advertising Fail Stories: FuckUp Night

After the successful first-ever Advertising Fail Stories FuckUp Night, which was held in November, for the second time, experienced advertising industry professionals gathered honestly by honing personal and company failures in front of the crowd that again filled the Playground Innovation Center.

The evening was opened by Žarko Sakan of the New Moment Agency, who through an emotional private-business story demonstrated how it looks when in one day you take over a company worth 25 million with 250 employees, when you work hard with a titanium lion at the Cannes festival and you do not expect it, but also when you expect it and you are flying. “Everyone around us requires us to be experts in several things, while marketing agencies have the task of either increasing sales or strengthening the brand. So I learned that I never played on one card and I embraced every failure. If you do not feel you have no chance to progress, you have to fight and feel the storm, and the more you have them – you will be more experienced and stronger!” concluded Žarko. The next evening, FuckUp is expected in just a few months.

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