Aleksandar Aćimović – The Customer Always Comes First

The goal is to stay at the top

Photo: Goran Ivić

After 20 years in business, Eurodom still manages to stay on top. Aleksandar Aćimović, the owner and director of the Eurodom Company, talks about market challenges that the company faces and how difficult it is to adapt to a market with a growing number of competitors. 

You are the founder of Eurodom, a family business that was established over 20 years ago. Could you tell us about your company’s core activities?

EURODOM sells complete bathroom equipment (ceramic tiles, bathroom ware, taps), as well as floor coverings (parquet, decking). Our portfolio includes products manufactured by renowned Italian companies.

What would you single out as your main asset, something that makes you stand out from the competition, and how have you managed to occupy such a prominent market position? 

EURODOM is constantly developing in all its aspects, including our staff. We try to follow the current trends and are constantly updating our showrooms. We send our staff for regular training sessions in the companies we cooperate with so that they can see for themselves not only the production methods and quality of the products they sell, but also the novelties that these manufacturers offer. It is very important to us that our sales staff know the products well because we believe that if they know products well, they will present them in the best way possible to our customers. Trusting the quality of the products we offer is our strongest sales tool.

You have to be present all the time in the field, listen to the market’s wishes and needs and then respond to them on time

Furthermore, we are increasing our inventory to ensure fast delivery to our customers. We know that delivery speed is very important and that’s why we try to accommodate our customers in the best and fastest possible way. Basically, at Eurodom, the customer always comes first.

It is very important for us to cooperate with architects, both well-known and professionally accomplished, and the young ones who are just paving their way in this business. Eurodom is always there to support them.

You have worked on some of the biggest projects in Belgrade. What projects would you cite as the toughest to implement and which are you the proudest of?

Eurodom has worked on many projects. All of them were challenging in some way, and we are proud of them all. I’m not only talking about large-scale projects, but also about smaller, private houses and apartments that are also important to us.

Skyline was one of the large-scale projects that were challenging for us. As it is a combination of residential and business space, it was very important for us to supply adequate products that would satisfy both purposes of the space.

Eurodom plans to open soon a new showroom in an elite neighbourhood in the city – the Belgrade Waterfront

What challenges do you most often encounter in your work and how do you overcome them?

Considering we’ve been operating in this market for years, we are aware that society and the requirements of everyday life are constantly changing and that we have to change with them. We are constantly adapting to new market demands. The competition in our line of business is very tough and we striving in every way possible to remain one of the top competitors in that “race”. It is not always easy to adapt to other people’s wishes, but if you want to develop, you have to be ready for changes. That is perhaps the biggest challenge of today’s business. You have to be present all the time in the field, listen to the market’s wishes and needs and then respond to them on time.

archive of Eurodom

What are your plans for the next period? In what direction will Eurodom develop?

Eurodom plans to open soon a new showroom in an elite neighbourhood in the city – the Belgrade Waterfront. We have all the qualities required to respond to the demands of that exclusive location, and our customers will be delighted with our new showroom as it will be something they have never seen in Serbia before.

Our plans are always the same – continuously working to remain at the top in our line of business.

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