Aleksandar Neškov and Gala Jovanović the eighth laureates of the “Vip Calls”

By the decision of the five-member jury of the Belgrade Games Festival and Vip mobile, the prestigious award “Vip Calls” for the first time will have two laureates – Aleksandar Neškov, ballet master and champion of Ballet Opera in Athens and Gala Jovanović, soloist of the State Opera Opera Ballet from Vienna.

The official Ballet of Greek National Opera

This unique award is awarded for the eighth year in a row with the desire to present to the festival audience the creation of ballet artists from our area, who with their dedicated work and lavish talent won the world stage and achieved enviable career abroad. In this way, the company Vip mobile and the Belgrade Festival of the Games “give back” to Serbia our dance artists to give them recognition for artistic opus and affirmation of our ballet art abroad. Within the framework of the 15th Belgrade Festival of the Games, Aleksandar Neškov, the Ballet Opera Champion in Athens, will hold a masters course of ballet and ballet repertoire from February 19 to 23, at the National Game Foundation. In 2006, Gala Jovanović graduated from the Ballet School in Belgrade, after which she graduated from the Opera School Ballet in Vienna, where she soon became a member of the ensemble.

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