Aleksandar Seničić: Travel agencies are slowly coming out of the big crisis

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Aleksandar Seničić, director of the national association of travel agencies of Serbia “YUTA”, first greeted all the participants of the conference, and at the beginning of his presentation he agreed with the findings that the following season could be a record for Serbian tourism. Then he expressed his opinion about the situation with tourist agencies.

“When it comes to the departure of our tourists abroad, after the big crisis we experienced in the previous three years, we have a situation where travel agencies are slowly coming out of that big crisis. “For the first time, we can say that we have the right offer for the summer, as it was before the coronavirus, and that all destinations are in circulation that are interesting for our market,” he said.

According to him, at the moment Greece is the most common choice for Serbian tourists.

“What is absolutely certain is that Greece is still the most interesting for Serbian tourists and there are a huge number of offers for Greece. What makes us especially happy is that the interest is returning to the period before the corona and that a large number of first-minute payments and general payments for Greece shows that this year will also be somewhere at the level of almost a million passengers when it comes to passengers from Serbia.”, he added.

In addition to Greece, Turkey is a very important destination for travel agencies.

“Also, Turkey is a very important destination for us throughout the year and a huge number of charter flights are planned this year.” Apart from the regular lines established by Serbia and Turkey to Istanbul and Ankara, during the summer season there are a large number of charter flights to Antalya and, according to the interest of passengers, we can say that this season will be one of those worth noting,” said Seničić and added that Montenegro is a destination that is extremely visited by tourists from Serbia, but “unfortunately for travel agencies, approximately half of them travel there on their own arrangements”.

According to our interlocutor, Egypt is one of the destinations that becomes interesting to our tourists earlier than others.

“When we talk about Egypt, it has been interesting since around April, so with Easter, charter flights already start.”

Seničić ended his presentation by noting that Italy and Spain are returning to our market, but also that, after ten years, Tunisia is also returning “with a bang” as one of the popular destinations, adding that Croatia and Bulgaria were also present, concluding that he expects a successful season.

The entire conference can be viewed HERE.

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